The Undiecar multiclass special event at Watkins Glen is on tomorrow.

Event notice:
Track: Watkins Glen
Cars available: Radical SR8 V8, Spec Racer Ford, Skip Barber Formula 2000, Dallara Indycar IR18, Pro Mazda and Dallara IR-05
Date: 2018-03-08 … THURSDAY
Practice starts: 17:40 GMT
Qualifying starts: 20:30 GMT (open session)

We now have two championships, the Undiecar Championship featuring the free Dallara Indycar IR05 and the Undie Lights Championship featuring Skippies and the free Spec Racer Ford. If you would like to compete in either (or both), just send me a message. The Undiecar Championship used to be restricted entry, but we’ve loosened that up to allow anyone with a B-license (road or oval) to compete. The Undie Lights championship is open to anyone with a D-license. If your license isn’t high enough yet, just let me know and you can compete so long as you put in some consistent laps in practice.

If you have any questions, just ask in the Undiecar Discord channel. I’m not very good at responding here via private message, but there’s usually someone around on Discord to help out. If you like to jibber jabber mid-race, then you should join our Discord voice chat during races.