The Undiecar Championship takes rules very seriously (not really).

  1. Have fun: that’s why we are here 😉
  2. Being a dick: Dickish behaviour will be punished by starting from the pit lane at the next race. Other punishments will be decided on a case by case basis.
  3. Grumping: If someone is being a dick, don’t get angry, just laugh at them. We’re here to have fun, not have fights ;). Grumpy people may be asked to leave.
  4. Protests: Anyone wishing to file a protest must do so within 1 hour of the event. Protests should be filed via the Undiecar protests page. Please do not bother admins about incidents during a race unless absolutely necessary.
  5. iRacing rules: In the absence of a specific Undiecar Championship rule, the iRacing sporting code and common sense apply.
  6. Changes to the rules: All rules may be changed at any time if deemed appropriate for smooth operation of the league.
  7. AI: Feel free to punt the AI, but penalties will be applied if this causes a wreck with a human.
  8. Admin cautions: When we are using admin controlled caution periods, when you wreck out in a way which should trigger a caution period, please alert us by texting “WRECK!” or telling us via voice chat. Anyone found to have called a fake wreck, will be publicly poked fun at for being a drama queen. No cautions will be called for 5 laps after a restart. The number of laps under pace car will be reduced when appropriate.

Leniency will be granted if breach of the rules is deemed to have sufficient comedic value. Penalties will be given based on the severity of the infringement. Repeated rule infringements may result in suspension from the Undiecar Championship and/or public mocking.