This is a reminder that qualifying for the first round of season two of the Undie Lights Championship is on Tuesday (tonight) at 19:30 GMT πŸ™‚

Our most popular race last season was our oval race. Hopefully this one turns out to be as crazy/fun as the last one! Even the ardent anti-oval drivers (*cough* Matt Fretwell *cough*) in the league admitted to the awesomeness of Skippies on ovals.

Protest update
Two protests were filed after the last round of the Summer series. The protests were sent to the Sim Racing Incident Review Facebook group, who determined that no punishment should be applied. The full reviews can be seen at the following URLs:

Joining races
Unlike previous seasons, everyone with a D 2.0 license or above who are signed up to the Undiecar website are welcome to compete. You will see the race listed in the iRacing league sessions page.

If you aren’t a member of the league on iRacing, just go sign up on the page and we’ll add you ASAP (if the session is about to start and we still haven’t added you, then hop on Discord to let us know you need added).

If you have any trouble finding the event in iRacing or have any questions, just ask in the Undiecar Discord channel. There’s usually someone around on Discord to help out. If you like to jibber jabber often mid-race, then you should join our Discord voice chat during races. There’s usually a small group of us chit chatting all race long.

If you would like to help out with the league, please visit our donations page πŸ™‚