The Undiecar Championship is winding down, and we no longer require donations. Thanks for all who kept us afloat over the years 🙂

The Undiecar Championship is totally free. There are no league fees of any kind and no one is expected to pay to compete. The events will go ahead regardless of whether anyone donates money to the league or not.


There are a lot of little tasks which you can do to help out in the league. Help can come in the form of creating videos of the races, helping with the fixed setups, keeping an eye on trouble makers in our open sessions, recruiting new drivers or even just taking the time to say something nice to your fellow competitors.

Gifting iRacing dollars

This is the easiest way to donate money, as it can be used immediately to pay for race hosting. Simply click the option on the right hand side of the page which says “GIFT IRACING DOLLARS” and send the gift to
Aron Kertesz on iRacing.

Send iRacing gift card here

PayPal donation

You can also donate directly to Ryan Hellyer via PayPal. If we receive enough, then we can look into paying for broadcasting of races.