This event was held on Thursday Nov 16th 2017 at the 1.21 km long USA International Speedway track in United States. Qualifying began at 19:00 GMT, followed by zero race.

This is a test race to check how viable a race at USA Speedway will be. The session will feature open setups so that we can also test potential race setups.

Others who have raced Indycars on this track said that setups from either Iowa or Gateway are suitable to use.

The exact format of this event may change closer to the time. If enough people are interested, we could launch a second race immediately afterwards.

Baseline setups

Special thanks to Paul Jennings of the Indycar Setup Garage Facebook group for creating a USA Speedway setup for us to try out. This should be a good base setup for us to utilise.

Download Paul Jennings’ setup