This event was held on Tuesday Oct 24th 2017 at the 3.167 km long Long Beach track in United States. Qualifying began at 20:00 GMT, followed by zero 20 minutes race.

This is a special event open to everyone. Will be racing on the Long Beach tech track.

Note: This is a special event, and not part of the official Undiecar Championship. We will be using the free Indycar as used in the main Undiecar Championship, but you will need to purchase the Long Beach tech track which only costs US$5.


You will find the race in the hosted races section of iRacing. Qualifying starts at 20:00 GMT October 24th. A practice session will be launched 90 minutes beforehand.

Race format

Due to the potential for carnage, we will hold three back to back 20 minute races. Since this race is open to everybody, we will simply remove anyone who causes problems in the first race, so the last two races should be nice and clean, just like the regular season Undiecar races. The first race will be in morning conditions, second race in afternoon and third race in late afternoon. The track condition will be set as random.

License requirement

All license holders are welcome to join. Anyone with a rookie license will be required to participate in the practice session.

Fixed setup

Download the fixed setup here. Thanks to Robert Grosser for providing the base for this fixed setup.