This event was held on Tuesday Nov 2nd 2021 at the 4.088 km long Road Atlanta track in United States. Qualifying began at 20:30 GMT, followed by the race.

This race will feature 14 extra MX-5 competitors in the form of AI bots. The AI bots will be set to be slower than most human competitors and will not be very aggressive. Download AI roster here (40 to 55% skill).

Allowed cars

This is a multi-car event. Drivers may choose one of the following cars.

  1. Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992)
    iRacing baseline
    Fuel limited to 30%
  2. Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016
    Download fixed setup
    Fuel limited to 40%

Results table

PosNameStartCar #CarOutIntervalLaps ledQualAvg lapFastest lapfastest laplaps complInc
1Steven Brumfield
130Porsche 911 GT3 Cup %28992%29Running421:221:241:20224451
2Florian B├╝scher
151Porsche 911 GT3 Cup %28992%29Running1221:211:241:2044419
3Ryan Hellyer
127Porsche 911 GT3 Cup %28992%29Running-1L01:231:261:2244335
4Auke Haarsma
129Porsche 911 GT3 Cup %28992%29Running-1L01:231:251:2154333
5Ivo Andreini
11Porsche 911 GT3 Cup %28992%29Running-1L01:241:271:2244316
6Vincent Bluthenthal
122Porsche 911 GT3 Cup %28992%29Running-3L01:291:311:2534128
7Sven Deml
1423Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-7L0011:401:36153779
8Thomas Lademann
114Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-7L01:381:411:372377
9Francisco Jose Rodriguez Rodriguez
125Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-7L01:381:411:3753712
10Franz Josef Stumm
120Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-7L01:391:411:3743713
11John Newhouse
1952Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-7L01:401:421:38303712
12Skid Vicious
1960Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-8L01:401:431:39313612
13Hunt the Shunt
1954Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-8L01:401:431:3830364
14James Payne
1961Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-8L01:401:431:38353618
15Cole Trickle
1956Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-8L01:411:431:3823616
16Nikolay's bear
1962Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-8L01:411:431:39333616
17Beau Brandenburg
1959Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-8L01:411:431:3829368
18Andrea de Crasheris
1953Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-8L01:411:431:3723616
19Alaric van den Bos
172Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-8L01:391:441:3743611
20Joe Tanto
1958Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-8L01:411:441:382368
21Punti Nator
1950Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-9L01:401:441:3823512
1951Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-9L01:401:431:38343524
23Mats Sjoblom
155Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-9L01:411:461:41243523
24Hillary Hellyer
1963Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-9L01:411:481:3831351
25Frank Oosterhuis
126Porsche 911 GT3 Cup %28992%29Disconnected-12L01:241:281:2243250
26Max Max
1955Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-15L01:401:441:37272928
27Rowdy Burns
1957Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-15L01:411:431:3822926
28Robert Witte
131Porsche 911 GT3 Cup %28992%29Disconnected-17L01:221:301:21142719
29Ian Newman
16Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Disconnected-29L01:411:471:38151518
30Bruce Johnson
10Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-30L01:454:051:4841422
31Patrick Luzius
184Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Disconnected-32L01:381:391:3751215
32Jakub Kuchciak
166Porsche 911 GT3 Cup %28992%29Disconnected-44L0010100
33Patrick Berthelot
144Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Disconnected-44L0010100
34Bob Fitzgerald
18Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Disconnected-44L0010100