This event was held on Friday Jun 11th 2021 at the 4.088 km long Road Atlanta track in United States. Qualifying began at 19:30 GMT, followed by two races.

We will be racing the new Spec Racer Ford and Formula Vee’s. We will have 60 mins open practice with both cars, followed by 30 mins Formula Vee practice, 5 mins Formula Vee qualifying, 30 min Formula Vee race, then 30 mins SRF practice, 5 mins SRF qualifying, then 30 mins SRF race.

Practice 1: 18:00 GMT (both cars)
Practice 2: 19:00 GMT (Formula Vee only)
Qualifying 1: 19:30 GMT (5 mins open) (Formula Vee only)
Race 1: 19:35 GMT (30 mins) (Formula Vee only)
Practice 3: 20:05 GMT (SRF only)
Qualifying 2: 20:35 GMT (5 mins open) (SRF only)
Race 2: 20:40 GMT (30 mins) (SRF only)

Allowed cars

This is a multi-car event. Drivers may choose one of the following cars.

  1. Formula Vee
    Fuel limited to 32%
  2. Spec Racer Ford
    Fuel limited to 25%