This event was held on Wednesday Dec 5th 2018 at the 2.045 km long Tsukuba Circuit 2000 full track in Japan. Qualifying began at 20:25 GMT, followed by two races.


The annual Bahaha 1000 is on for 2018!

If you want to compete in this event, just register here on the Undiecar website.

This year the event is moving to Tsukuba (new free track) and will feature the VW Beetle, competition cautions (guaranteed mid-race cautions at the mid-point of each race with double file restarts and lucky dog turned on) to bunch the pack up. There are two back to back races; once one race is done, just log out and you will see another race in the league sessions page.

As per our normal procedure, we will have a fixed setup, dynamic weather and a healthy dose of fun 🙂

The exact track layout may be adjusted closer to race time. We haven’t been able to test out the variations track variations just yet due to the track not being released until the day before this event takes place.

Allowed car

Download fixed setup