This event was held on Tuesday Jan 18th 2022 at the 6.213 km long Mount Panorama Circuit track in Australia. Qualifying began at 20:30 GMT, followed by the race.

The MX-5s and GT3s will be gridded seperately.

GT3s will include:

  • McLaren MP4-12C GT3
  • Ford GT GT3
  • Mercedes AMG GT3
  • BMW M4 GT3
  • Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO
  • Porsche 911 GT3 R
  • Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020

Results table

PosNameStartCar #CarOutIntervalLaps ledQualAvg lapFastest lapfastest laplaps complInc
1Steven Brumfield
116GT3 ClassRunning322:062:082:0325330
2Frank Oosterhuis
126GT3 ClassRunning2:0012:052:112:04293311
3Thomas Lademann
1404GT3 ClassRunning-1L02:072:102:063324
4Robert Witte
131GT3 ClassRunning-1L02:062:132:05233214
5Jordan Brubaker
113GT3 ClassRunning-1L02:082:112:05243221
6Francisco Jose Rodriguez Rodriguez
125GT3 ClassRunning-1L02:082:152:07233210
7Ivo Andreini
147GT3 ClassRunning-1L02:132:172:08193217
8Shannon Gray2
17GT3 ClassRunning-2L02:132:172:093316
9Dale Weiser
130GT3 ClassRunning-2L0012:182:08253114
10Jan Schoenfelder
12GT3 ClassRunning-3L02:092:222:06123030
11Julian Bell
120Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-6L02:342:372:3342710
12Kris Kwiatkowski
199Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-6L02:342:382:3342712
13Aron Kertesz
176Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-6L02:352:382:3312275
14Ryan Hellyer
127Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-6L02:352:392:34202716
15Sven Deml
1423GT3 ClassDisconnected-7L0012:102:04262625
16Nikolay Bear
1953Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-7L02:402:462:3621264
17Eric Cartman
1956Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-7L02:402:472:3724262
18Rowdy Burns
1968Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-7L02:412:472:3824266
19Pastor Crashonado
1963Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-7L0012:482:38102616
20Stephen Brown11
11GT3 ClassDisconnected-8L02:072:182:0632510
21John Newhouse
1959Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-8L02:462:522:3721258
22Asphalt Repariaran
1957Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-9L02:412:422:3519249
23Punti Nator
1960Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-9L02:393:002:37232410
24Russ Wheeler
1955Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-10L02:483:012:37172314
25Thierry Vossier
115Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-10L0013:062:36152341
26Hillary Smellyer
1954Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-10L02:433:102:3722234
27Cole Trickle
1961Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-10L02:403:092:3722312
28Alaric van den Bos
172GT3 ClassDisconnected-11L02:072:142:0732214
29Auke Haarsma
129Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Disconnected-11L02:352:392:33142217
30Gandolf the Great
1962Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-11L02:422:462:3719228
31Hunt the Shunt
1958Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-12L02:402:472:3716215
32Skid Viscious
1952Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-12L02:422:492:38212118
33Bruce Johnson
10GT3 ClassRunning-13L02:162:252:17112023
34Pawel Pawluk
121Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Disconnected-14L02:352:412:3231921
35Markus McPharma
1103Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Disconnected-15L0012:452:3881834
36Andreas de Crasheris
1951Mazda MX-5 Cup 2016Running-16L02:413:102:3717176
37Will Weiser
145GT3 ClassDisconnected-17L02:232:152:07121612
38Nikita Mazespin
1974GT3 ClassRunning-18L0012:192:14151510
39Mad Max
1971GT3 ClassRunning-19L02:132:192:1261418
40Ian Newman
16GT3 ClassDisconnected-20L02:092:122:07121313
41Honey Badger
1970GT3 ClassRunning-22L0014:302:089118
42Björn Beiersdorf
15GT3 ClassDisconnected-24L0012:152:063911
43Stephanie Brumfield
1973GT3 ClassRunning-26L02:202:2101713
44Mario Farag
18GT3 ClassDisconnected-27L0012:132:12469
45Paul Elliott
148GT3 ClassDisconnected-32L0012:320112
46Giovanni Coronin
143GT3 ClassDisconnected-33L0010100
47Bob Fitzgerald
18GT3 ClassDisconnected-33L0010100
48Jeffery K Allen
123GT3 ClassDisconnected-33L0010100