Jordan Brubaker

I am really enthusiastic about racing. it's been apart of my life since I was 5. My family has made it a tradition to go to the Indianapolis 500 every year and I know the track pretty much inside and out. My brother is a motorsport engineer and is currently a intern for Ed Carpenter Racing.

Car number: 13
Location: Indiana
Country: US
Racing experience: My racing experience has gone back to when I was 5. I raced go-karts nationally in the WKA series. Unfortunately about 7 years ago now, I had lost interest in the sport as I never pushed myself to become better. This is something that I definitely regret. About a 2 years ago, my passion for racing came back as I started watching the Youtuber Tiametmarduk. It has lead me to buy iracing and a steering wheel. I want to join a league in iracing because I want to get that feeling of trying my hardest and battling it out for the lead of a championship.
First racing games: i did not own many racing games but probably more than the average person. my first racing game was Gran Turismo 4 on PS2. I then owned both the prolog to 5 and 5 for PS3. one of my most beloved racing games was F1 Championship Edition. I then didn't buy many racing games from then on because after that is when I lost my passion for the sport. Since I have regained my passion, i now own iracing and F1 2017.
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