We are pleased to announce our plans for season 7 of the Undiecar Championship. We are sticking with our goal of making the league accessible to all and trying to keep the schedule interesting and varied with free content. We will be moving to single championship but not sticking with any particular car. Indycars will be returning along with the popular Porsche/Mazda races and some other interesting cars. We have carefully chosen combinations of car and track that have proven particularly fun or successful in the past. There should be something for everyone to enjoy and to really test your racing ability.

The races will usually use the 50 min practice, 10 min qualifying and ~60 min race format, as this works best for admin and scheduling. We will be having a longer non points scoring round special event at mid season which will use a paid content track, but all other rounds will be possible to compete in with free content. Multi-class races will include one free content car so you do not need to own any paid content to compete in the championship. Full points will be awarded for each class towards the main championship. The championship will be made up of five ovals and six road courses, with the best eight points scoring races to count. So if you miss a week, don’t like that weeks car/track or have a really bad day, you will still be able to have a good result at the end of the season.

Anyone with an iRating below 1800 (average of oval/road licenses) at the start of the season will be allowed to gain points in both the main championship and a Division 2 championship. Previous Undiecar Championship winners are automatically placed in Division 1.

The calendar will be announced shortly along with a new points system.

Season 7 Highlights

We look forward to another great season of Undiecar racing with you all.