Undiecar’s final event is on this Tuesday September 13th in the Street Stocks at Mount Panorama. There will €100 in prize money.

Butthurt 1000: https://undiecar.hellyer.kiwi/event/butthurt-1000-2022/
Practice: 18:00 GMT
Qualifying: 19:30 GMT (10 mins open)
Race: 19:40 GMT (32 laps / max 80 mins)

Promoting our final event
To help boost the profile of our final event, it would be great if you could help share it on social media or drop a message on the following promotional posts or create your own to help out.

iRacing forum: https://forums.iracing.com/discussion/28142/butthurt-1000-100-prize-money
Sim Racing Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SimRacingPublic/posts/2367974480006957/
iRacing Drivers World Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Iracingdriversworld/posts/10159472482979205/

Wondering why this is the final Undiecar race?
I’ve written a little story here about why I’m retiring from Undiecar … https://undiecar.hellyer.kiwi/undiecar-the-final-race/
And a big long diatribe about league administration here … https://undiecar.hellyer.kiwi/hosting-your-own-league-a-retrospective/

Asphalt League
The Undiecar Championship is being replaced by a new league called the “Asphalt League”. More information about this is available on the Undiecar Discord. That league is taking over the Undiecar league on iRacing and the Discord channel from me.

If you have any trouble finding the event in iRacing or have any questions, just ask in the Undiecar Discord channel. There’s usually someone around on Discord to help out. If you like to jibber jabber often mid-race, then you should join our Discord voice chat during races. There’s usually a small group of us chit chatting all race long.