Luca Varani is organising a combined Pro Mazda and Formula Renault race Sunday July 8th at Phillip Island.

Event notice:
Cars: Pro Mazda and F.Renault, open set up. Weight added to the Pro Mazda for balancing
Track: Phillip Island
Time: Sunday July 8th, race start at 8pm GMT (practice and qualify before that). No world cup match on this day.
Format: 40 minutes free practice, 20 minutes open qualify, 30 laps race (~45 minutes)

From Luca:

The idea is to have a future league with standings for the FR, PM and overall.
The Pro Mazda will likely have a weight penalty, but details will be finalized after testing. I am told that with a ballast the two cars race very well together. We should also keep in mind that in a league setting dive bombing and other dangerous moves are rare. iGPFun races have traditionally been exceptionally clean and I don’t see why this should change.

Footage from a previous race organised by Luca: