The following are a rough guide to penalties given for various offenses in the Undiecar Championship. Exact penalties are decided on a case by case basis. Built in iRacing penalties are used whenever available (eg: black flags for speeding in pitlane).

  1. Illegally obtained performance advantage (eg: driving on apron)
    Estimated time gained multiplied by 10x will be added to the offenders race result. If advantage was gained in qualifying, then 30 seconds will be added to the offenders race result.
  2. Being an extreme dick (eg: intentional wrecking)
    Life time ban or race ban
  3. Unintentional avoidable wrecking of other competitors
    Warning for first offense. A race ban for a repeated offenses.
  4. Pitlane violation
    Black flag or 30 second post-race penalty
  5. Voice or text chat offense
    Warning or temporary text-voice chat ban. A permanent text-voice chat ban will be applied for repeat offenders. Extreme cases will result in a life-time ban.
  6. Unsportsmanlike behaviour (eg: intentional blocking)
    Black flag or 30 second post-race penalty or a rear of grid penalty at the next race (intended for when offender finished too far back for the penalty to have a negative effect)

Protest message template

The following template will be used for communication with the offender when we take action on a protest.

We have received a protest against you due to actions on lap [LAP] of the recent Undiecar race at [TRACK_NAME].

Our protest handling team has analysed the incident, and determined that you [OFFENSE].

Based on our penalties[/url]
page, you have been assigned a penalty of [PENALTY] the incident.