Peter Hembrow

Wannabe Race Driver, Fighter Pilot and Engineer who actually does tech support in a call center! I like the outdoors - Walking, Gardening, Mountain Biking. Spend lots of time DIYing and tinkering.

Car number: 77
Location: England
Country: GB
Racing experience: Have Hill Climbed my Renault Clio Willaims 2 at Harewood Hill, lots of karting - I'm not too shabby! Would like to trade in the Williams and get into Endurance Kart racing, if anyone fancies teaming up - most bang for your buck! :)
First racing games: Does Lotus Esprit Turbo challenge count (Showing my age)? Need For Speed 1, then Gran Turismo.
iRacing account: Peter Hembrow on iRacing
Social networks: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube