M B Dickey2

I have little patience for some iRacers who came here from gaming with no real world racing experience. Some of them don't know how to 'race'. You see examples of this in all lower levels of iRacing competition. I have little patience for any iRacer who thinks the fact that they can dive bomb underneath you on corner entry, and get their front fender inside your rear fender, that they've now won the corner. They haven't, so if you're one of these gamers who continue to do this don't get pissed at me if we wreck or I wreck you. Race me hard, race me clean, and prove to me that your lapS are consistently faster than mine and you'll race your way past me cleanly. I will race you the same way you race me. If I screw up and mess up your race I deserve your retaliation and will not protest it.

Car number: 96
Location: Rhome, TX
Country: USA
iRacing account: M B Dickey2 on iRacing