This event was held on Thursday Jan 4th 2018 at the 3.073 km long Okayama International Circuit track in Japan. Qualifying began at 20:30 GMT, followed by zero race.

We are using this as a test for a new race format in the Undiecar Championship. Everyone is welcome to attend.

How to join the session(s)

The sessions will appear in the hosted races section of iRacing. The password is “undiecar”. After the first race, you can simply quit out and join the next session.

Who can join?

Anyone. Please note that if we don’t know who you are and you don’t turn consistent laps in practice then we will probably remove you.

Important: Race starts and caution periods

We are trialling a new race start procedure. Check out our new page on Manual pace cars to learn how this works …


Open setups are allowed. We will be aiming to use this to work out a suitable fixed setup for our next race, so if you have any input on this please share it once in the session (or beforehand). We will be sharing setups during the session; if you don’t have one just ask.