The results for round two are now available.

Race one

Craig Shepherd took a stunning pole position, but the lead was quickly taken by Nikolay Ladushkin who held onto it for many laps, but made the critical mistake of forgetting refuel during a pitstop and had to make a late race splash and dash. The race was eventually won by Said Gonzales who slowed dramatically in the final laps due to extreme tire wear.

Race two

A last minute decision was made to switch from green-flag racing to using caution periods for race two. This second race was held in significantly cooler temperatures, resulting in much faster lap times and drastically less tire wear. Nikolay Ladushkin fought his way through the field to take the win from Daniel Wright4 during a close fought duel amongst the two back markers Ryan Hellyer and Jake Conway who were squabbling for 10th place.

Craig Shepherd was involved in an unfortunate accident near the end of the race which resulted in a catastrophic accident which destroyed his race.

New drivers

We recruited a bunch of new drivers in the past week. Eddie Bareford was a last minute recruit who performed well despite almost no opportunity to practice. You can spot him in the field with his Newman Haas type livery.

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