A field skill of 60% to 120% should be approximately in the same range of the drivers in “real” life. The range varies between cars and tracks however.

Download AI roster

Upcoming features

An option to choose any cars for the AI drive. Once Trading Paints has AI rosters under control, actual driver paints will be included too.

Who decides how fast the AI drivers are?

The AI driver skill is currently calculated based on the Undiecar points table, with a few extra drivers thrown in who haven’t been able to make it to recent events (those drivers have preliminary skill levels applied to them). The field skill is based on data obtained from the results from our Porsches and MX-5 race at Lime Rock Park.

Beta “insane” mode

If you find that oval AI races are too boring, try out the new insane mode. It’s still in testing, but it makes the drivers significantly more aggressive. Expect some carnage, just like in real iRacing events 🙂 It’s currently only for NASCAR Cup cars, but if you want to try another car just let Ryan Hellyer know (via iRacing PM, Discord etc) and he’ll add support for it for you.
Insane mode download